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Customer Reviews

Chips is the greatest bar I've ever been to. I probably enjoy a drink or 8 too many on occasion, but they have a seat reserved every night just for me. I miss Kibbler, but it's still my favorite bar.

- Tim H.

I don't come in as often as I used to, but whenever my wife allows me out I usually end up at Chips. My favorite night at Chips ever was when Bryan threw Vodka RedBull all over me.

- Scott E.

I may look mad most of the time, but I'm actually a fun guy who enjoys bartending at Chips. I'm a pilot at heart, but when I'm not flying or bartending I enjoy coming to Chips for a cool, refreshing beer.

- Woody

I'm from the future and Chips is still South Huntsville's best bar and grill.

- Future Nima

I'm still working on finishing reading Google for the 3rd time, but when I'm done I'll be sure to hit my favorite Huntsville bar... Chips and Salsa.

- Kibbler